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Dexter Cattle: The Cows and 2009 Babies
We started raising Dexter cattle in the spring of 2004. We chose the Dexter breed over other cattle breeds for several reasons. Their smaller size make them easier to manage, and they are easier on the land.

Our herd consists of black horned and polled, dun horned, and red horned cattle. We find that they each have very unique personalities and mannerisms, making them an enjoyable part of our farm.

Meet our Bulls!

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LF Houdini (aka Houdini) Born 2009
   Dam: Block Creek Chick
   Sire: TCR Driskoll

Block Creek Chick (aka Dixie's Chick) Born 2007

LF Stewie (aka Stewie) Born 2009 SOLD
   Dam: Block Creek Princess
   Sire: TCR Driskoll

Block Creek Princess (aka Princess) Born 2005

LF Baron of Beef (aka Baron) Born 2009 SOLD
   Dam: JLFarm Queenie
   Sire: TCR Driskoll

JLFarm Queenie (aka Queenie) Born 2005

LF Dixie's Midnight Runner (aka Runner) Born 2009 SOLD
   Dam: Dixie Maxie
   Sire: TCR Driskoll

Dixie Maxie (aka Dixie) Born 2002